Since 2006, PAPADEROS Company has been certified by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food for the disinsection (by heat treatment) of all packaging wood means, in accordance with ISPM 15 at its facilities in Koropi.

 International Standard ISPM 15 sets the internationally recognized phytosanitary measures of Food and Agriculture Organisatioin (FAO), which are required for the elimination of   the risk of introducing and spreading   “quarantine pathogens”, via wood packaging means.

The disinsected wood packaging means, after disinsection, are stamped with a compliance mark is globally known as "wheat stamp" and accompanied by a suitability mark.

Products that meet the requirements of ISPM 15 are the industrial products of wood (PLYWOOD, OSB, CHIPBOARD, MDF) and plastics.

During each Heat treatment process, the company is monitoring the data from which the proper application of method is documented on the basis of following parameters:

·        Proper sensor positioning (mandatorily 6 to 13 sensors) and automatic heat measuring and recording.

·        The type of measuring sensors and the procedure followed for the proper setting - calibration.

·        Stacking details during use and treatment.

·        Critical use parameters (e.g. for heat treatment the time required so that the thermometer in the coolest point of the room to record a reading >=56 C at the                 center of wood and maintain this temperature (for at least a period of 30 minutes) and the control method via an automatic control system of heat distribution,             automatic measuring and recording temperature and time of treatment.

·        Tracking system that is applied to the wood , produces and marks.

·        The exceptional measures and remedies taken in case of failure or problem, in basic parameters of procedure.

·        The program of sampling and dispatching suitable wood samples, wood packaging means and wood for testing in the Official State Laboratory (ETHIAGE).


PAPADEROS Company, in order to  cover  the constantly increasing market demand for  disinsected  wood  packaging means and minimize delivery time in cases of urgent demand, has developed the know-how in manufacturing wood packaging means according to ISPM15, as much  from materials it already has heat treated, as from industrial wood products meeting standard’s requirements, (PLYWOOD,OSB, CHIPBOARD, MDF).